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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Affording an abundant supply.
  2. More than enough in size or scope or capacity.
  3. Fairly large.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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充足chōngzúadequate; sufficient; abundant
丰富fēngfùto enrich; rich; plentiful; abundant
宽余kuānyúample; plentiful; affluent; relaxed; comfortable circumstances
满满登登mǎn mǎndēngdēngample; extremely abundant
丰满fēngmǎnample; well developed; fully rounded; Fengman district of Jilin city 吉林市, Jilin province
十足shízúample; complete; hundred percent; a pure shade (of some color)
充分chōngfènample; sufficient; adequate; full; fully; to the full
extensive; ample; rich; obtain; aim; to win; to get; plentiful; to gamble
宽裕kuānyùcomfortably off; ample; plenty
浩博hàobóvast and plentiful; ample; very many
shūabundant; ample; at ease; relaxed; to free from; to relieve
chuògenerous; ample; wide; spacious; well-off; to grip
丰厚fēnghòugenerous; ample
充裕chōngyùabundant; ample; plenty; abundance
hónga big house, (same as ) great; vast; wide; ample
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