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(名) As a noun
  1. Travel via aircraft.
  2. A distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing.
  3. Medium for radio and television broadcasting.
  4. A succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence.
  5. The mass of air surrounding the Earth.
  6. The region above the ground.
  7. A slight wind (usually refreshing).
  8. A mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of.
  9. Once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles).
(动) As a verb
  1. Expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen.
  2. Expose to warm or heated air, so as to dry.
  3. Make public.
  4. Broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television.
  5. Be broadcast.
  6. Expose to fresh air.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb, (及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
空气kōngqìair; atmosphere
气氛qìfēnatmosphere; mood
气派qìpàiimposing manner or style
架势jiàshiattitude; position (on an issue etc)
空中kōngzhōngin the sky; in the air
高空gāokōnghigh altitude
空军kōngjūnair force
宣扬xuānyángto proclaim; to make public or well known
播送bōsòngto broadcast; to transmit; to beam
发表fābiǎoto issue; to publish
表达biǎodáto express; to convey
bàoto air; to sun
to air; to sun
风范fēngfànair; manner; model; paragon; demeanor
空调大巴kōngtiáo dàbāair
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