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yǐnto administer; to oversee; to run; magistrate (old); (Chinese surname)
代管dàiguǎnto administer; to manage; to hold in trust or escrow
to administer; to regulate; to manage; to govern, people to have both talent and virtue, quiet; calm; safe; secure; stable
临管línguǎnto administer
管辖guǎnxiáto administer; to have jurisdiction (over)
措办cuòbànto plan; to administer
衡平héngpíngto govern; to administer
治理zhìlǐto govern; to administer; to manage; to control; governance
cuòto handle; to manage; to put in order; to arrange; to administer; to execute; to take action on; to plan
施与shīyǔto donate; to give; to grant; to distribute; to administer
营办yíngbànto handle; to undertake; to run (a business); to administer
节制jiézhìto control; to restrict; to moderate; to temper; moderation; sobriety; to administer
to attend (an official function); to be present; to administer; to approach (esp. as administrator)
监管jiānguǎnto oversee; to take charge of; to supervise; to administer; supervisory; supervision
管理guǎnlǐto supervise; to manage; to administer; management; administration
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