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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Perform an accompaniment to.
  2. Go or travel along with.
  3. Be present or associated with an event or entity.
  4. Be a companion to somebody.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (剂物的动) transitive verb
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伴随bànsuíto accompany; to follow; to occur together with; concomitant
陪伴péibànto accompany
陪同péitóngto accompany
伴奏bànzòuto accompany (musically)
伴同bàntóngto accompany
作伴zuòbànto accompany; to keep somebody company
随伴suíbànto accompany
随从suícóngto accompany; to follow; to attend; entourage; attendant
随行suíxíngto accompany
随访suífǎngto accompany; (of a doctor etc) to do a follow-up (on a patient, client etc)
陪同下péitóng xiàto accompany
陪着péizheto accompany
péito accompany; to keep somebody company; to assist; old variant of
做伴zuòbànto keep somebody company; to accompany
护送hùsòngto escort; to accompany
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