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书籍shūjíbooks; works
词翰cíhànbook; written composition; (literary) penned words
载籍zǎijíbooks (in Confucian education)
目标工作簿mùbiāo gōngzuò bùto book
计划书jìhuà shūbook
图书túshūbooks (in a library or bookstore)
book; booklet; measure word for books
shūbook; letter; document; to write; abbr. for 书经; name of a calligraphy style
本子běnzibook; notebook; edition
簿子bùzinotebook; book
records; book; Taoist written charm; book of prophecy (e.g. of dynastic fortunes)
juànscroll; book; volume; chapter; examination paper; measure word for books, paintings: volume, scroll
简册jiǎncèbooklet; brochure; (old) book (made of bamboo strips tied together)
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