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Learn Chinese YellowBridge Chinese English Dictionary Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a way to set my preferences so that YellowBridge will remember whether I prefer traditional or simplified characters?

If you browser is set to accept cookies, YellowBridge will store your preferences based on your last search query.

Why doesn't the handwriting recognizer recognize a character I am drawing?

If the character you are drawing is one that is in current usage, most likely you are not drawing it using the correct stroke order sequence. Our stroke order recognition is based on the stroke order sequence, not the shape of the character once it has been completely drawn. Before you start the handwriting recognizer, you should also make sure that you have specified whether you are searching for simplified or traditional characters.

Do you have a downloadable version that could be run offline?

No, the Yellowbridge dictionary is only available online.

Why does character X in the animated stroke order window look slightly different from the same character in the rest of the webpage?

Why does the stroke count for character X not match the actual number of strokes as shown in the webpage or as depicted in the animated stroke order window?

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