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Humor Love Palindrome

YellowTipTwo brothers lived together.  The elder one was named Daniu  [ or Big Bull]; the younger one was named Xiaoniu [, Little Bull). Daniu was illiterate but Xiaoniu could read and write.  A very beautiful girl lived in the apartment opposite their back window.  Each of the brothers would secretly watch her every day but were afraid to approach her.  Finally, Daniu shared his secret with Xiaoniu and asked for his help in writing the girl a love letter on his behalf.  Xiaoniu was filled with jealousy but, knowing that his brother could not read, decided to sabotage the message. He wrote the short note and threw it across the window into the girl's apartment. The note said: "Da niu bi jiao lan" [, Daniu is lazier].

To Xiaoniu's surprise, the girl was apparently delighted by the message and immediately started a torrid relationship with his older brother.

Why, you might ask?  The note was written from left to right but the girl had read the note from right to left: "Lan jiao bi niu da" [, which sounds like "My **** is bigger than a bull's"]

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