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take a hop
teɪk eɪ hɑːp
Chinese DefinitionIndividual words translate as:
  • take. 拿;拿起;拿走;携带;拿下;赢得;夺去;需要;花费;以…为例;写下;记录;参加
  • a. (非特指的)一(个);每一;同一;第一;字母AA字形
  • hop. 单脚跳;跳跃;舞会;飞行;蛇麻草;单脚跳;跳跃;长蛇麻子;跃过;跳上;(对路由器来说;从发送端至接收端构成的路径;都由一组跳跃点构成)
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(动) As a verb
  1. Spring back; spring away from an impact.
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