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English Definitionlong distance
Simplified Script长途
Traditional Script長途
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ①她⑴能⑶忍受⑵{长途}⑴旅行⑴吗⑩?
    Can she endure a long trip?
  • ①她⑵受⑸到了⑵{长途}⑴旅行⑴吗⑩?
    Is she equal to a long journey?
  • 她乘船在海上长途旅行。
    She went on a long sea voyage.
  • 长途步行后我觉得饿了。
    I felt hungry after the long walk.
  • 我去年做了一次长途旅行。
    I made a long journey last year.
  • 她因长途骑车而疲惫不堪。
    The long cycle ride exhausted her.
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