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English Definitionlength; duration; accident; right and wrong; good and bad; long and short
Simplified Script长短
Traditional Script長短
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure WordsNone
Sample Sentences
  • ①先⑴把⑸尺寸⑵量⑴好⑩,①再⑴把⑶木材⑷锯⑴成⑸所需⑷{长短}⑩。
    First measure (it) up, then cut the timber to the correct length.
  • ②平均⑸薪俸⑷兴⑴教育⑴时间⑶之⑷{长短}⑴有⑴互相⑴的⑸关联⑩。
    The average salary is correlated with length of education.
  • 养老金的多少取决于为公司服务年限的长短
    Size of pension depends on length of service with the company.
  • 大,中,短大衣,防寒服,茄克衫,上装,中长短马甲。
    Long, medium and short overcoats. Winter wear, jacket, coat, long, medium and short jumpers.
  • 睡眠时间的长短可因人而异。
    The amount of time spent asleep can vary from person to person.
  • 她喜欢议论邻居们的是非长短
    She loves to gossip to her neighbors.
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