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English Definitionrail; railroad track
Simplified Script铁轨
Traditional Script鐵軌
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Sample Sentences
  • ④失事⑴的⑴火车⑶横⑴在⑸{铁轨}⑴上⑩。
    The wrecked train lay aslant the track.
  • ②转⑸辙⑷器⑴一⑵端⑸尖细⑵可⑵移动⑴的⑸{铁轨}⑩,②如⑸用于⑵铁路⑸岔道⑴的⑩
    A movable rail, tapered at the end, such as that used in a railroad switch.
  • 辙叉装在火车铁轨相交处使车轮穿过连接处的装置
    A device on intersecting railroad tracks that permits wheels to cross the junction.
  • 铁轨铁路车厢或其它车辆可在上运行的一条或一套平行轨道
    A rail or set of parallel rails upon which railroad cars or other vehicles run.
  • 枕木横放在铁路基上以固定铁轨的梁中的一根,通常为木制
    One of the beams, usually made of wood, that are laid across a railroad bed to secure the rails.
  • 营长命令士兵们沿铁轨排开。
    The battalion commander lined his men along the railway.
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