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English Definitionsum of money; monetary value
Simplified Script金额
Traditional Script金額
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ④{金额}⑷共计⑩230②美元⑩。
    The sum came to 230 dollars.
  • ①该⑶财产⑵处理⑴掉⑴能⑶获⑵相当⑴的⑷{金额}⑩。
    The property can be disposed of for a good sum.
  • 储备金额为预防不测而存留的资金数额
    The amount of funds reserved to meet liabilities.
  • 贷方金额记入这类数目的一本帐户的右方
    The right-hand side of an account on which such amounts are entered.
  • 保险金额此类合同规定的保险的金额或比例
    The sum or rate for which such a contract insures something.
  • 由于这笔交易金额很大,买主在做出决定之前必须再三考虑。
    As this transaction involve a very large sum, buyer have to think twice before deciding.
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