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English Definitionto deploy; to allocate; configuration; allocation
Simplified Script配置
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ②对于⑶某些⑸远程⑵系统⑩,②将⑸{配置}⑶信息⑸翻译成⑴机器⑴语言⑴的⑵过程⑩。
    For some remote systems, the translation of configuration information into machine language.
  • ①在⑸这种⑸{配置}⑴中⑩,⑤不可能⑴在⑩VCR①上⑷播放⑸盒带⑩,①因为⑩VCR①上⑴没有⑸音频⑷输入⑩。
    It is not possible to play back a tape on the vcr in this configuration, since there is no audio input for the vcr.
  • 内部和外部包过滤器和一台单向定位的bastion主机的配置提供很好的安全性。
    The configuration of internal and external packet filter and a single home bastion host provide very good security.
  • 他给本文配置了解说用的图表。
    He interspersed the text with explanatory diagrams.
  • 一些MODELS可以通过内DIP开关或JUMPER进行两种形式的配置
    Some models are configurable for either type of output via internal dip switch or jumper.
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