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English Definitionpart; share; section; piece
See alsobùfèn variant of 部分 (from traditional character 部份)
Simplified Script部分
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤镦⑵粗⑴的⑸{部分}⑵或⑶零件⑩
    An upset part or piece.
  • ⑤警方⑴只⑸追回⑴了⑸{部分}⑸赃款⑩。
    The police only recovered part of the stolen money.
  • 如汤匙或烟斗的碗形部分
    A bowl-shaped part, as of a spoon or pipe.
  • 鞌后桥马鞍后部隆起的部分
    The raised rear part of a saddle.
  • 蛋黄是鸡蛋中的黄色部分
    The yolk is the yellow part in an egg.
  • (肌)腹肌肉的中央凸起部分
    The bulging, central part of a muscle.
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