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English Definitionto bring up; to train; to contribute to; achievements (usually of young people)
Simplified Script造就
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ②光⑴有⑸胡须⑸不能⑸{造就}⑴一⑴位⑸哲学家⑩。
    A beard doesn't make a philosopher.
  • ①他⑸年少⑷时⑴的⑶毅力⑴和⑷勤奋⑸{造就}⑴了⑴他⑴今天⑴的⑵成就⑩。
    His perseverance and diligence in his youth has made him what he is today.
  • 你不可能『得到』一段美好的感情,你只能找到一个你心爱的人来共同经营、造就、完成一段美好的感情。
    You can't "get" a great relationship; you can only find someone you love from the heart, and work together with them to achieve a great relationship.
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