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English Definitionway; route; road
Simplified Script
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑸参加过⑸越野⑷识⑸{途}⑵赛⑩。
    He has taken up orienteering.
  • ⑤纵使⑶大众⑸也曾⑷偏向⑴正⑸{途}⑸也罢⑩,①那⑴总是⑸出于⑴错误⑴的⑵原因⑩。
    If the multitude ever deviate into the right, it is always for the wrong reason.
  • 要是你得到了这个职务,无论路远近,本公司可以把你的物品从国内任何一下地方运来。
    If you get the job, our company will collect your things from any part of the country: distance is no object.
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