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English Definitionitinerary; route; political line (e.g. right revisionist road)
Simplified Script路线
Traditional Script路線
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑷选取⑴了⑴最⑵直⑴的⑵{路线}⑩。
    He has chosen the most direct route.
  • ②{路线}⑷沿途⑴的⑶标志⑴都⑴十分⑴清楚⑩。
    The markings along the route are quite plain.
  • 她一贯奉行马克思主义路线
    She always takes a Marxist line.
  • 我们在地图上画出我们的路线
    We traced out our route on the map.
  • 我们是不是可以另试试别的路线
    Can we perhaps try another route?
  • 汽车路线到此为止了,你得叫辆的士。
    The bus route goes as far as that, so you'll need to take a taxi.
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