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English Definitionauto race; cycle race; race car
Simplified Script赛车
Traditional Script賽車
Part of Speech(名) noun, (形) adjective
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{赛车}⑴从⑴我们⑸前面⑸飞驰⑵而⑴过⑩。
    The sports car shot past us.
  • ①那⑸两个⑵公司⑵已⑵合作⑶研制⑶新型⑸{赛车}⑩。
    The two companies have teamed up to develop a new racing car.
  • 领先的那辆赛车在第十圈的中途撞毁了。
    The leading car crashed midway through the tenth lap.
  • 汽车赛车呼啸而过。
    Racing cars screamed past.
  • 加速赛车为加速汽车赛特制或改装的汽车
    An automobile specially built or modified for drag racing.
  • 这种新型号赛车于道路测试中时速达100英里。
    The new sports model achieved 100 miles an hour in road tests.
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