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English Definitionto contribute; to dedicate; to devote; contribution
Simplified Script贡献
Traditional Script貢獻
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤每个人⑴都⑴有⑴能⑸力作⑵{贡献}⑩。
    And everyone has the ability to contribute.
  • ①我⑵如⑸何在⑩Tatoeba②{贡献}⑸音频⑩?
    How do I contribute audio in Tatoeba?
  • 不要低估了吉姆在研究工作中的贡献
    Don't undervalue Jim's contribution to the research.
  • 一般说来,他们对反帝斗争是可以做出一些贡献的。
    Generally speaking, they might make some contribution to the anti-imperialist struggle.
  • 他极力贬低她在那项研究中的贡献,从而独获全部奖励。
    He minimized the value of her contribution to his research so that he got all the praise.
  • 她对国家的贡献极大。
    Her services to the state have been immense.
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