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English Definitionto plan; to seek; scheme
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Sample Sentences
  • ⑤孩子们⑴在⑸父母⑸死后⑴只好⑵自⑷{谋}⑸生路⑩。
    When their parents died, the children had to shift for themselves.
  • ①你⑴要⑸雇用⑷素⑵未⑷{谋}⑸面的⑴人⑵应⑸三思而行⑩。
    You should think twice about employing someone you've never met.
  • 由于你杀了那个手无寸铁的妇女,你将被绞死。
    For the murder of that helpless woman, you shall hang by the neck until you are dead.
  • 别相信那人。他只不过是想尽法子去得他所需要的一切而已。
    Don't trust that man. He just goes all out for anything he can get.
  • 由于在另一个城市里得了一分较好的职位,他被迫也女友分手了。
    He was forced to part company with his girl friend, when he was offered another higher position in another city.
  • 我决定等一等,直到有几位年纪大一点的人离职使我有望到更理想的工作。
    I decided to mark time until some of the older men left and I had a chance of obtaining a better job.
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