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English Definitionplan; project; program; to plan; to map out
Simplified Script计划
Traditional Script計劃
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb
Measure Words,
Sample Sentences
  • ①{计划}⑴突然⑴改变⑩。
    There was a sudden change of plan.
  • ①{计划}⑵已⑴成⑸泡影⑩。
    The plan fell through.
  • 明天有什么计划
    What's the program for tomorrow?
  • 我开始执行计划
    I set a project afoot.
  • 要努力完成计划
    We must work hard to complete the project.
  • 我赞成你的计划
    I agree to your plan.
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