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English Definitionto be on guard; alert; vigilance; alertness
Simplified Script警觉
Traditional Script警覺
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤飞行员⑴必须⑸{警觉}⑴天气⑴的⑴变化⑩。
    A pilot must be awake to the changes in the weather.
  • ⑤{警觉}⑴的⑸豹子⑵静⑸悄悄地⑸走近⑴一⑴只⑷鹿⑩。
    The alert leopard went up to a deer quietly.
  • 但当她刚朝他迈步时,他马上警觉起来,举起猎矛,就要投射。这时朱庇特发现了并及时制止了这种忤逆行为,把母子二人从地上带走,放置在天上,成为大熊星和小熊星。
    As she was about to approach, he, alarmed, raised his hunting spear, and was on the point of transfixing her, when Jupiter, beholding, arrested the crime, and snatching away both of them, placed them in the heavens as the Great and Little Bear.
  • 我骂她惺惺作态,她马上警觉起来。
    I called her a damned hypocrite and that made her sit up.
  • 圈套迷住或欺骗一个不警觉的人的计谋
    A stratagem for catching or tricking an unwary person.
  • 我对他说他父亲与我女儿有暖昧关系——这使他警觉了起来。
    I told him about his father's affair with my daughter- that makes him sit up.
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