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English Definitionpoem; hymn
Simplified Script诗歌
Traditional Script詩歌
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words, ,
Sample Sentences
  • ①老师⑴给⑸全班⑴同学⑶朗诵⑴这⑵首⑷{诗歌}⑩。
    The teacher read the poem to the class.
  • ①他⑸抑扬顿挫⑴地⑶朗诵⑷{诗歌}⑩。
    He read the poems with cadence.
  • 选集民歌选集或诗歌选集
    An anthology, as of ballads or poems.
  • 比起小说,他更喜欢诗歌
    He prefers poetry to fiction.
  • 他已经把这诗歌背下来了。
    He has conned the poems by rote.
  • 诗篇以诗歌而非散文形式的文章
    A composition in verse rather than in prose.
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