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English Definitionimportant person
Simplified Script要人
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑴老⑴爱⑸说大话⑩,①就⑵彷佛⑴他⑴是⑴一⑴位⑸{要人}⑸似的⑩。
    He likes to talk big as though he was an important person.
  • ①他⑴在⑴两⑴点⑴半⑵到达⑩,②并⑴被⑸告知⑴在⑸{要人}⑸休息室⑶等候⑩。
    He arrives in2:30, and is told to wait in the very important person lounge.
  • 他像是想要人尽心尽力伺候他。
    He seems to expect to be wait on hand and foot.
  • 在适当的时间提建议需要人的睿智。
    Giving advice at the right time has to involve a great deal of intelligence.
  • 甘地在印度历史上是政治和宗教要人
    Mahatma Gandhi was both a political and a religious figure in Indian history.
  • 在这许多要人中间,她感到她是个局外人。
    Among so many distinguished people, she felt quite out of it.
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