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English Definitioncamp; barracks; battalion; to build; to operate; to manage; to strive for
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  • ①有⑵一道⑸高高⑴的⑸铁丝网⑵围⑴着⑸战俘⑷{营}⑩
    A high fence ringed the prison camp.
  • ①全⑷{营}⑵以⑵连⑴为⑵单位⑴在⑸军{营}⑵广场⑴上⑸列队⑩。
    The battalion formed up by companies on the barrack square.
  • 战俘中骇人听闻的生活惨状外人是很难完全体验到的。
    It's hard to appreciate the full horror of life in a prison camp.
  • 军队在城墙外面扎下了
    The army encamped outside the walls.
  • 蜜蜂从花中啜蜜,离开时地道谢。
    Bees sip honey from flowers and hum their thanks when they leave.
  • 训练有素的机组人员设法救出了大部分乘客。
    The well-drilled crew managed to rescue most of the passengers.
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