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English Definitionto cut; to reduce
Simplified Script缩减
Traditional Script縮減
Sample Sentences
  • ①我们⑵只有⑸{缩减}⑷开支⑶才能⑶扭转⑸这种⑵状况⑩。
    We can only retrieve the situation by reducing our expenses.
  • ①在⑵出口⑴开始⑴再⑴增加⑵之前⑩,②进口⑵将⑴必须⑸{缩减}⑩。
    Imports will have to be scaled down until exports begin to rise again.
  • 由于政府缩减经费的缘故,有五百人被突然解雇了。
    Five hundred jobs were axed as a result of government spending cuts.
  • 随着小报纸的不景气,买断独家采访权的金额也跟着缩减了。
    As the tabloid have hit on hard times, the cheque of chequebook journalism have shrink.
  • 他们如果真的理解政府所面临的困难,就不会对政府缩减费用感到不满了。
    If they really understood the difficulties facing the government they wouldn't be so critical of its spending reduction.
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