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  • ⑤杏树⑷属⑵植物⑵其它⑸几种⑵植物⑩,②如⑸印度⑸杏树⑩,⑤尤指⑶果实⑴和⑴种⑷{籽}⑶类似⑸杏树⑴的⑩
    Any of several other plants, such as the Indian almond, especially those with fruits or seeds suggestive of the almond.
  • ⑤亚麻⑷{籽}⑴车⑴前⑴的⑷{籽}⑸这种⑵植物⑴的⑵种子⑩,②作为⑸温和的⑸散装⑷缓⑸泻剂⑵而⑴被⑵广泛⑴使用⑩,②有时⑴加⑴在⑵食物⑴中⑵作为⑸可溶⑵纤维⑴的⑷饮食⑴上⑴的⑶来源⑩
    The seeds of this plant, widely used as a mild bulk laxative and sometimes added to foods as a dietary source of soluble fiber.
  • 长莠草。
    Ill seed, ill weed.
  • 亚麻油可以食用吗?
    Is linseed oil edible?
  • 厨师往蛋糕上撒罂粟
    The chef sprinkle poppy seed on the cake.
  • 种子,如苹果或桔子水果的小种子
    The small seed of a fruit, as that of an apple or orange.
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