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English Definitionbasketball
Simplified Script篮球
Traditional Script籃球
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words,
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑴喜欢⑴看⑴{篮球}⑴比赛⑩。
    I love watching basketball.
  • ⑤我知道⑸迈克⑴喜欢⑴{篮球}⑩。
    I know that Mike likes basketball.
  • 麦克星期一不练习篮球
    Mike doesn't practice basketball on Monday.
  • 篮球运动员们正在体育馆进行训练。
    The basketball players are working out at the gym.
  • 杰克不仅是个好学生,而且还是名篮球队员。
    Jack is not only a good student but also a basketball player.
  • 纳森参加了很多课外活动,他是个篮球队员。 
    Nathan has extracurricular activities. He's on the basketball team.
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