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English Definitioncharm; amulet (religious object conferring blessing)
Simplified Script符咒
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ①用⑸{符咒}⑸驱除⑸百日咳⑴是⑴不⑸可能的⑩。
    It is impossible to charm away the whooping-cough.
  • ④伏⑴都⑷崇拜⑷物⑸一种⑴为⑷伏⑴都⑸教徒⑵保持⑸魔力⑴的⑸{符咒}⑩、⑤物神⑩、⑤魔法⑵或⑸咒语⑩
    A charm, fetish, spell, or curse holding magic power for adherents of voodoo.
  • 念咒口头咒语或符咒的仪式性的吟诵以产生魔力的效果
    Ritual recitation of verbal charms or spells to produce a magic effect.
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