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English Definitiondaydreamer
Simplified Script空想家
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤一个⑵无⑷见识⑴的⑸{空想家}⑩
    A half-baked visionary.
  • ①从前⑴把⑴那些⑴说⑴我们⑴要⑸登上⑴月球⑴的⑴人⑴都⑸称之为⑸{空想家}⑩。
    People who said we would go to the moon used to be called dreamers.
  • 社会改良空想家幼稚的理想主义者,支持善心或博爱的事件的改革者
    A naive idealist who supports philanthropic or humanitarian causes or reforms.
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