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English Definitiona small cup; measure word for lamps
Simplified Script
Traditional Script
Part of Speech(量) measure word
Sample Sentences
  • ①我⑸买了⑴一⑶{盏}⑵古老⑴的⑴灯⑩。
    I bought an ancient lamp.
  • ①我⑸买了⑴一⑶{盏}⑴很⑴旧⑴的⑴灯⑩。
    I bought an old lamp.
  • 桌子上有一煤油灯。
    There was a kerosene lamp on the table.
  • 灯悬挂在桌子上方。
    The lamp hung over the table.
  • 灯悬挂在桌子上方。
    A lamp hang over the table.
  • 天花板上吊着几大吊灯。
    Big lights hung from the ceiling.
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