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English Definitionscene; tableau; picture; image; screen (displayed by a computer); (motion picture) frame; field of view
Simplified Script画面
Traditional Script畫面
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤装上⑴新⑷天线⑴后⑷{画面}⑶清晰⑴多⑴了⑩。
    The picture is much clearer with the new aerial.
  • ③天空⑴和⑸大海⑸构⑸成了⑴一⑵幅⑷和谐⑴的⑷{画面}⑩。
    The sky and the sea make a harmonious picture.
  • 影片的画面渐隐而转成一府教堂的外景。
    The picture then dissolved into a view of the church from the outside.
  • 随着画面渐渐隐没,男女主角分手各向一方。
    As the scene fades out, the hero and the heroine walk away from each other.
  • 因此有人说:“Windows是用户的天堂,它充满了美丽的图标、画面和菜单”。
    So, someone says: Windows is a user's paradise full of beautiful icons, graphics and menus.
  • 在计算机绘图技术中,通过在平面上移动进行操作的一种手握的画面定位装置。它通常有一个控制球或一对轮子。
    In computer graphics, a hand-held locator operated by moving it on a flat surface.A mouse generally contains a control ball or a pair of wheels.
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