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English Definitionuser; consumer; subscriber; customer
Simplified Script用户
Traditional Script用戶
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ②对方⑸合用⑸电话线路⑴的⑷{用户}⑩
    A subscriber to a telephone party line.
  • ①你⑶要不⑸要成为⑸可信赖⑷{用户}⑩?
    Would you like to become a trusted user?
  • 一种用户直接发送给监控程序的指令。
    An instruction issued directly to a monitor from a user.
  • 我想你方技术人员可以在我方用户的工厂里接受培训。
    I think your technician can be trained in the factory of our customer.
  • 使用专家系统而发生的用户和专家系统之间的交互作用。
    The interaction between user and expert system arising from the expert system's use.
  • 一旦您为用户创建了一个帐号,用户就可以进入安全域中。
    As soon as you create an account for the user, the user can participate in a secure domain.
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