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English Definitiontoward; to face; to open onto; to turn towards; orientation; exposure; Qibla (Islam)
Simplified Script朝向
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{朝向}⑷目⑸标的⑵前进⑩
    Progress toward a goal.
  • ①在⑴更⑸高处⑩,⑤{朝向}⑴更⑸高处⑩
    At or toward the upper rigging.
  • 朝向公开革命不可逆转的势头
    An irreversible momentum toward open revolution.
  • 电晕在电晕放电中在高压电极出现的一种微弱光辉,常伴随有朝向低压电极的电流
    A faint glow enveloping the high-field electrode in a corona discharge, often accompanied by streamers directed toward the low-field electrode.
  • 这间房间朝向很好。
    This room's location is great.
  • 你的房门朝向顶层楼梯平台。
    Your room opens off the top landing.
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