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English Definitionsometimes
Simplified Script有时候
Traditional Script有時候
Sample Sentences
  • ①他⑴{有时候}⑴很⑵奇怪⑩。
    Sometimes, he's very strange.
  • ①{有时候}⑴热⑵如⑸火炉⑩。
    Sometimes it's hot like oven.
  • 有时候还是说谎好
    Sometimes it's better to lie.
  • 有时候,我还是会想起她。
    Sometimes I still miss her.
  • 这里的春天有时候有风沙。
    Sometimes it is windy and dusty in spring here.
  • Jane有时候跑去学校。
    Jane sometimes runs to school.
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