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English Definitionleast; smallest
Simplified Script最小
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ②将⑸某人⑴的⑵收入⑴分⑵至⑸四年⑵从而⑸使⑶税⑸赋⑸降至⑸{最小}⑵程度⑩
    Average one's income over four years so as to minimize the tax rate.
  • ⑤一种⑸用于⑴检查⑴一⑵组⑸字符⑴的⑴错误⑩、②并且⑵具有⑸{最小}⑸冗余⑵度⑴的⑶循环⑸码⑩。
    A cyclic code with minimum redundancy used to check errors in a set of characters.
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