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English Definitionto substitute for somebody; reserve player
Simplified Script替补
Traditional Script替補
Sample Sentences
  • ②由于⑵训练⑴迟到⑩,⑤杰克⑴的⑶教练⑴决定⑴把⑴他⑸留在⑸{替补}⑷席⑩。
    Jack’s coach decided to keep him on the bench for being late to training.
  • ①当⑸亚⑸厤⑴克⑸斯⑩·⑤弗格森⑸看到⑴自己⑴的⑸球员⑸劳累⑷时⑩,①他⑴总是⑴叫⑸{替补}⑸上场⑩。
    When Sir Alex Ferguson saw that his players were getting tired, he always substituted them.
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