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English Definitionto exchange; to replace; to substitute for; to switch
Simplified Script替换
Traditional Script替換
Sample Sentences
  • ①他们⑴把⑴他⑷{替换}⑸下来⑴真⑴不错⑩。
    Good job they have get a replacement for him.
  • ⑤一种⑵可⑷{替换}⑴的⑸印制电路板⑩。
    A replaceable printed circuit board.
  • 一分区数据集中某成员的替换名。
    An alternate name for a member of a partitioned data set.
  • 那首领拿一些玻璃块替换了那些钻石。
    The chief interchanged the diamond with some pieces of glass.
  • 就在上半场结束前,艾伦上场(替换莱恩克)。
    Allen went on (in place of Lineker) just before half-time.
  • 一个别名或替换标号,可用来指程序中的某一数据元素或某一位置。
    An alternate name or label used to refer to the same element or a point in a program.
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