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English Definitionto embrace; to hug
Traditional Script擁抱
Simplified Script拥抱
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ①他們⑴中⑴有⑸一個人⑸想要⑵{擁抱}⑴你⑩。
    Someone among them wants to hug you.
  • ①他⑵以⑸一個⑷深情⑴的⑵{擁抱}⑴來⑵迎接⑴她⑩。
    He greeted her with a loving hug.
  • 見面禮節禮節性擁抱,如問候或敬禮
    A ceremonial embrace, as of greeting or salutation.
  • 擁抱了一下兒子,然後讓他上床睡覺。
    She gave her son a hug and put him to bed.
  • 在你們遠離家鄉之前請給父母一個擁抱
    Give a hug to your parents before you get far away from your hometown.
  • 當我們第一次擁抱吻別時,我想親他的面頰,忽然想到那不是他的真臉,那是化妝面具。
    And he gave me hug goodbye the first day and I went to kiss him on the cheek, and I realized like that this is not really his face, it's the prosthetics.
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