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English Definitionto throw (a projectile); to cast (light)
Simplified Script投射
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{投射}⑷物⑴从⑴四⑸周朝⑴他⑶猛⑷掷⑴过来⑩。
    Missiles were hurled at him from all sides.
  • ②气象⑸仪⑵将⑸大气⑵现象⑴的⑸映像⑩,②如⑴云⑩,⑤{投射}⑴到⑸一个⑸圆顶⑴内⑶侧⑴的⑸一种⑸光学⑶装置⑩
    An optical device designed to project images of atmospheric phenomena, such as clouds, on the inside of a dome.
  • 照相排版(法)通过在摄影卷上投射各种类型符号的影像来准备用于印刷的手稿,然后用其来制作印板
    The preparation of manuscript for printing by the projection of images of type characters on photographic film, which is then used to make printing plates.
  • 但当她刚朝他迈步时,他马上警觉起来,举起猎矛,就要投射。这时朱庇特发现了并及时制止了这种忤逆行为,把母子二人从地上带走,放置在天上,成为大熊星和小熊星。
    As she was about to approach, he, alarmed, raised his hunting spear, and was on the point of transfixing her, when Jupiter, beholding, arrested the crime, and snatching away both of them, placed them in the heavens as the Great and Little Bear.
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