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English Definition(stage) set
Simplified Script布景
Traditional Script佈景
Sample Sentences
  • ①我们⑴需要⑸有人⑶自愿⑵帮忙⑴把⑸{布景}⑵搭⑴起⑩、①画⑴好⑩。
    We need volunteers to help build and paint the set.
  • ⑤第一⑶幕⑴中⑵包括⑴几⑴件⑴代表⑶岩石⑴和⑸篱笆⑴的⑷立体⑸{布景}⑩。
    A few set pieces simulating rocks and a fence constituted the first act.
  • 这个布景没有很好地占据空间,我们应在这儿增设一个。
    The scenery does not fill the space properly, we should set ton an additional piece here.
  • 剧间休息时更换布景
    The scenes are changed during the interval.
  • 我觉得这个音乐喜剧的布景不错。
    I think the settings for this musical comedy is good.
  • 起初,他帮忙画布景,搬道具,在演出时给演员提词。
    At first, he held paint scenery, carried props, and held book during performances.
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