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English DefinitionBrazil
Simplified Script巴西
Traditional ScriptSame
Part of Speech(专有名) proper noun
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤{巴西}⑵出口⑵大量⑴咖啡⑩。
    Brazil exports a lot of coffee.
  • ①这个⑸小女孩⑸住在⑸{巴西}⑩。
    This little girl lives in Brazil.
  • 巴西是说甚么语言的?
    What is the language spoken in Brazil?
  • 他们从巴西远道而来。
    They came all the way from Brazil.
  • 巴西有很多剩余咖啡。
    Brazil has a big surplus of coffee.
  • 巴西的首都是巴西利亚。
    The capital of Brazil is Brasilia.
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