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English Definitionto send; to assign; to appoint; servants of an official; official messenger
See alsochāishi official post; billet; commission; see also 差事
Simplified Script差使
Traditional ScriptSame
Measure Words
Sample Sentences
  • ①她⑴利用⑶其⑴法语⑴知识⑩,⑤找到了⑴一⑵分⑸信使⑴的⑸{差使}⑩。
    She cashed in on her knowledge of French and got a job as a courier.
  • ①他⑴发现⑴任何⑸一种⑴学习⑸都是⑷名副其实⑴的⑴苦⑸{差使}⑩。
    He finds any kind of study a real grind.
  • 他在千方百计谋求这分差使
    He is bucking for the job.
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