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English Definitionto patrol; to make a tour; to inspect; to scan with one's eyes
Simplified Script巡视
Traditional Script巡視
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ④视察⑩,⑤{巡视}⑵以⑷视察⑵或⑴检查⑴为⑵目的⑷官方⑵性⑸察看⑩,②如⑸主教⑴对⑴一⑸主教⑸管区⑴的⑷视察⑩
    An official visit for the purpose of inspection or examination, as of a bishop to a diocese.
  • ⑤{巡视}⑵官⑵专门⑵调查⑶公民⑴对⑴政府⑵或⑶其⑸公务员⑴的⑶不满⑴的⑴一⑴位⑸政府官员⑩,⑤尤指⑸斯堪的纳维亚⑴国⑸家的⑴一⑷官员⑩
    A government official, especially in Scandinavian countries, who investigates citizens' complaints against the government or its functionaries.
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