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English Definitionback part; rear or tail section
Simplified Script尾部
Traditional ScriptSame
Sample Sentences
  • ①那⑴辆⑴卡车⑸撞到了⑸队伍⑴中⑴最⑵后面⑴一⑴辆⑴汽车⑴的⑸{尾部}⑩,①汽车⑴又⑵冲⑸撞到⑴前⑸面的⑴汽车⑩,①前⑸面的⑴汽车⑴又⑴碰⑸撞到了⑴再⑴前⑸面的⑩,①这⑸形成了⑸连锁⑴的⑵反应⑩。
    The lorry ran into the back of the rearmost car in the queue which bumped into the car in front, which then hit the next one, and so on in a chain reaction.
  • ⑤尾翼⑴飞机⑴的⑸{尾部}⑩
    The tail of an airplane.
  • 蝎子的毒钩在其尾部
    The sting of a scorpion is in its tail.
  • 船楼,艉位于船尾部的上层结构
    A superstructure at the stern of a ship.
  • 飞机拖靶拖在飞机尾部用作靶子的漏斗形或锥形装置
    A funnel-shaped or cone-shaped device towed behind an aircraft as a target.
  • 桨,㯭一根尾部有叶状片的长而细的杆,多为木质,用于划船或掌舵
    A long, thin, usually wooden pole with a blade at one end, used to row or steer a boat.
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