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English Definitionalley
Simplified Script小径
Traditional Script小徑
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ①他们⑴在⑸碎石⑸{小径}⑴上⑴散步⑩。
    They went out for a walk on the gravelled path.
  • ⑤{小径}⑴上⑷覆盖⑴着⑸密集⑴的⑸落叶⑩。
    Leaves lay thick in the lane.
  • 小径[溪流]蜿蜒穿过树林。
    A path [brook] winds through the woods.
  • 一条小径沿着山谷蜿而上骀。
    A path wound up the valley.
  • 它不是一条路,而是一条小径
    It's not a road, but a path.
  • 沿这条小径走终究会见到大路的。
    Follow the footpath and you'll eventually hit the road.
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