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English Definitiontreasured object; treasure; darling; baby; cowry; good-for-nothing or queer character
Simplified Script宝贝
Traditional Script寶貝
Part of Speech(名) noun, (形) adjective
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤我的⑸心肝⑷{宝贝}⑩。
    My precious darling!
  • ①大⑷{宝贝}⑩,①别⑸哭了⑩!
    Stop blubbering, you big baby!
  • 妈妈亲了她的宝贝
    The mother kissed her baby.
  • 出甚么事了,宝贝
    What's wrong, honey?
  • 这个球是那个男孩的宝贝
    The ball is that boy's prized possession.
  • 似乎他认为自己是上帝赐给女人的宝贝
    He seems to think he's God's gift to women.
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