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English Definitionprecious stone; gem
Simplified Script宝石
Traditional Script寶石
Part of Speech(名) noun
Measure Words,
Sample Sentences
  • ①水⑵色⑶{宝石}⑴的⑷透明度⑸及⑸光洁⑵度⑩
    The transparency and luster of a gem.
  • ①那⑶商人⑴对⑴一些⑶{宝石}⑸垂涎欲滴⑩。
    The dealer was slavering over some precious stones.
  • 克拉宝石的重量单位,等于200毫克
    A unit of weight for precious stones, equal to200 milligrams.
  • 宝石雕刻术宝石雕刻术或宝石雕刻制作过程
    The art or process of carving or engraving on precious stones.
  • 这个宝石的价格十分昂贵--简直是个天文数字。
    The price of this gem is expensive -- as much so as astronomical figures.
  • 宝石一种精细地切割成多个面的各种形式的宝石,尤指钻石
    A precious gem, especially a diamond, finely cut in any of various forms with numerous facets.
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