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English Definitionsituation; occasion; context; setting; location; venue
Simplified Script场合
Traditional Script場合
Part of Speech(名) noun
Sample Sentences
  • ⑤不会⑴看⑶{场合}⑩。
    Unable to sense the situation.
  • ④葬礼⑴是⑴个⑷忧郁⑴的⑶{场合}⑩。
    A funeral is a sombre occasion.
  • 葬礼是一个令人忧伤的场合
    A funeral is a melancholy occasion.
  • 这样的便服不宜在正式的场合穿。
    Such casual dress would not be correct for a formal occasion.
  • 在这个场合,他看起来就像一个大傻瓜。
    On that occasion he looked a perfect fool.
  • 在这样重要的场合,我们有幸能欢迎。。。
    On an occasion such as this (ie as important as this) we are privileged to welcome...
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