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English Definitionpragmatic; flexible; to act differently in different situations; to accommodate to circumstances
Simplified Script变通
Traditional Script變通
Part of Speech(动) verb
Sample Sentences
  • ②可⑸{变通}⑴的⑸日程表⑩
    A flexible schedule.
  • ⑤鋻⑸于⑶即将⑵举行⑸大选⑩,④首相⑴认为⑸{变通}⑶一下⑵政策⑸在政治上⑵有利⑩。
    Since there was soon to be a general election, the Prime Minister decided that a change of policy was politically expedient.
  • 做了一些变通问题便解决了。
    Problems were solved on an ad hoc basis.
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